On Monday November 12th 2012 our two 11 kw Gaia wind turbine were commissioned. The turbines sit on 18m towers and have super efficient 13 m blades which allow for the production of electricity in even very light wind. They are extremely quiet, will provide us with the equivalent annual energy of operating two 4-person households and serve as a fantastic demonstration of clean, efficient and renewable sources of energy. The turbines are visible from the cafe and are positioned just off the Burford Rd. But if you are driving by- make sure not to blink or you might miss them! They are surprisingly discreet.

In 2013 a competition amongst local primary schools was held to name the new turbines.

Winning classes and their parents were invited to the naming ceremony followed by refreshments. A plaque with the name of the turbines, the school and the winning class were fixed to the turbines.

The winning classes were then awarded a free 2 hour educational farm visit.


Chesterton Primary School, Yr 6, - Abbey Gale

Powells C of E Primary, Mrs. Elliots Yr 6 - Gusty Green Wind Machine


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