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As you can see below, we take one or two growing apprentices each year, usually in the spring and they stay with us for three seasons (2.5 years) We also welcome one or two trainees from March end to November each year.

This year Wilhem is our senior apprentice, in his fourth season as he came as a trainee, so well versed in the garden, with Harriet and our new apprentice Dan beside him. Charlotte and Kate are spending the season here too, with 4 days in the garden and one each in the cafe where you might see them if you come to eat.

Eva is now senior apprentice supporting Andy well as she is now in her fourth season, having been a trainee before. We bade her farewell in September, off to the Gower to a great CSA by the sea. Harriet has joined the team as 1st year apprentice, she is a tour de force in the garden, just what we need.

Great team of Hedge, Eva and Wilhem, and welcomed Tash as our trainee this year. The complications of lockdown made it difficult to have a second trainee but we have more of Libbys' time as she is not doing any education sessions sadly. And we have helpers from other parts of the business as so much is not happening this spring and summer.Time flys and in September Hedge will have completed his 3 seasons here and is off to Devon to become part of a growing group near Exeter. Its always strange to say goodbye to our apprentices as they are here for 2 and a half or 3 plus years if they were trainees too and they are part of the farm family. Great to know they are still itching to be growers after all that time!

Eva is back as our first year apprentice, Rosie has left us but is nearby now starting her own venture beside the Stroud CSA so we can visit her! Wilhem and Danni have been wonderful trainees this year, and Wilhem will be our first year year apprentice next spring.

We waved good bye to Jude and said hello to Hedge, who comes as our first year apprentice. excitingly, Eva, our seasonal trainee this year, is coming back as our first year apprentice next spring.

Congratulations to Michael and goodbye, 2.5 great years with us.
Hello to Rosie from Ireland and Scotland too, just finished a degree in horticulture and come to us to learn how to do it in the mud and the sun.

Jamie has finished his apprenticeship and started his own growing business nearby. we wish him all the luck in the world, its a tough choice but what an important one.
Hello to Jude, who comes from Kew gardens and Regents park zoo....

Goodbye and good luck to Jolke, who has gone back to holland to pursue her dream of community gardening. Welcome to Michael who has lived in norway for a year woofing, and is now starting his 2.5 years here.

In june we said farewell to Will who finished his two years in what seemed like a flash to us, and next week (august 2014) we will also bid adieu to Al, who has been on the farm for over 2 and a half years. They will both be much missed and we thank them for their dedication to the garden and their monthly appearances in the shop on a saturday too!
Looking forward to seeing where they will settle and use their abundant growing skills.

Jolke is now our senior apprentice and we welcome Jamie who is in his first year now.

Will and Al are now into their second season here on the farm and after a hard last summer are now reaping the rewards of their hard work and better weather! That is one of the reasons it is so good to do two full seasons on one holding, life can vary so much for a grower from year to year. Jolke has joined the farm as our third apprentice this year.

Good luck to Lizzie who has just finished her 2 year apprenticeship here.
She is off travelling and wwoofing in India to start with before starting some growing related projects maybe in her hometown of Birmingham.

Mike has now finished his apprenticeship, as all our apprentices we will miss him greatly but wish him all the best as he trains to teach primary kids.
we are very proud of Kate and Laura who have finished their two year apprenticeships here now and are moving on...
Kate has a new job at River Cottage garden, so you might see her on the television soon! Having done such a great job on the flower project here with me last year she is going to be doing one day a week here whilst her base is still in glos. keeping th patch on the straight and narrow.
Laura has been chosen as head grower for the new CSA in Norwich, and we wish her much luck for such a challenging job.
Aimi and Becca (who was our very first apprentice) is now running a box scheme in Kinsale - Will and i went to visit last week and were well impressed although the very nature of growing veg means they work 24/7 for many months of the year.


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