Sample Menus

Vegetables star in their own season, the examples below cover the whole year.

Soups such as....

Carrot and coriander soup
the carrots and coriander are grown in the garden
Crown Prince squash and sage soup
the squash and the sage are grown in the garden
Beetroot and Fennel soup
the beetroot is grown and stored nearly all the year round in a good year, the fennel is from the garden summer and early autumn
Leek, Potato and Rosemary soup
all from the garden

Soup is served with Abbey bread. The wheat from this bread is Mulika, grown on the farm, milled by Shipton Mill just 10 miles away.

Dish of the Day such as.....

Here are some samples of our two daily dishes. The cooks choose to cook whatever the garden has to offer, so it is not unusual to have a vegetable appearing as a soup and as a main.
Not every vegetable comes from the garden although we grow over 80 different vegetable. Sometimes the cooks use imported vegetables when there is surplus in the shop, or if there is a special offer on a vegetable in season in its country of origin. Preference is always given however, to what is growing outside the kitchen door.

Two dishes are usually offered, one is vegan.

Delicata and Harlequin Squash and Butterbean stew

Vegetable Tagine

Abbey Pie - a hearty pie with carrots, onions, nuts, cheese and apple.

Stuffed Sweet Dumpling Squash

Fennel Beetroot and Cheddar gratin

Mexican bean chilli served with brown rice

Roasted Vegetables with caramelized onions and greens on a bed of lentils
topped with white miso.

Garden Vegetable lasagne

French Onion Tart

Nut roast with rich tomato sauce

Bubble and squeak potato cakes

Beetroot and horseradish pie

Leek and cheddar tart

Many different curries using garden vegetables

All served with our famous salads, also inspired by the garden that day, of which there are usually up to 6 or 7 on any one day.


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