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For over 20 years, we have welcomed people of all ages to come to the farm to learn more about organic agriculture. Members of the public can come on one of our trailer rides or enjoy our unaccompanied farm trail. Educational visits are usually a minimum of 2 hours, can last all day or for residential visits see here

We are a working farm, which we think makes visits to Abbey Home Farm extra special. Visitors are able to see and participate in real life farming and growing activities. Because we are a working farm, visitor activities are highly dependent on season, weather, farm circumstances, size of group, intended learning outcomes, and age of visitors. We will do everything to meet your expectations but ask that visitors expect to be flexible as occasionally situations arise which are beyond our control.

Cost for up to 15 students.

Visitor Cost (full day visit)
Studentfrom £10 plus VAT (minimum charge of £150.00 plus VAT)
Adult / Helper FREE (OFSTED required ratio)
Additional Helpers£5.00 plus VAT

Half Day Visits available from £5 plus VAT per child with a minimum charge of £110.00 plus VAT

Defra funded short visits (30 max)

Some funding is sometimes available for a general 2 hour visit. Please contact our Education Officer for more information regarding funded visits.

Contact us to tailor make a visit that meets your needs.


To learn more about what we grow / raise / produce on the farm, please follow this link


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