The Veg Garden

Organic Fruit and Vegetables have been grown on site for over twenty years now. The scale of production is tailored to meet the needs of our Shop customers and Café visitors. We currently grow on an area of 5.5 hectares, producing over 80 types of fruit and vegetables for as long a season as possible. We use a variety of techniques and approaches to achieve this.

You are welcome to look round the garden at the front of the shop on Saturdays and Sundays, but please do not pick anything or go inside the glasshouse or polytunnels.

Protected Cropping

We have 1000m2 of Glasshouse and 1000m2 of Poly tunnels that allow us to grow high value crops in the summer such as Peppers, Aubergines and Tomatoes. Crucially they allow us to produce salads and tender greens throughout the winter.

Market Garden

This is 1 hectare and where most of our Summer harvested crops are grown as well as all our soft fruit, this is all done using small machinery and hand tools.

Field Scale

This is 4.5 hectares and where we produce all our bulk crops that see us through the winter, such as Carrots, Potatoes, Kales, Cabbages, Leeks, Onions and Winter Squash. These crops are produced using larger machinery but still all harvested by hand.

Cut Flowers

We produce organic cut flowers on site to bring colour and joy to the homes of our customers as well as to liven up the Shop, Café, and Holiday accommodation.
We are passionate about wildlife here at the farm so integrate techniques that are both beneficial for ecosystems and cropping.


Trees are planted within the vegetable cropping areas to provide habitat for wildlife that help protect our crops, such as predatory insects and birds of prey. They also provide crops of fruit including apples, plums and pears for the shop and café. We also use coppice species to provide woodchip which we turn into compost. See more about agroforestry here.

Wild Flower Strips and Beetle Banks

Strips of wildflowers are planted throughout the cropping areas to provide habitat for pollinating and predatory insects, we also have permanent untilled grassy strips throughout cropping areas to provide habitat for beetles that are our primary defence against slugs. Read more about beetle banks here.

Fertility Crops

We manage our fertility and feed our healthy soils with Green Manures, this is where we sow living crops that are not harvested but worked into the soil to boost soil health, they also provide year round habitat and food for small mammals, invertebrates and birdlife. Read more about fertility crops here.


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