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2020 Update

Hi everyone! I hope your have dried out and fully recovered from what was an amazing season on The Sisters. Thanks you all so much for your contributions. Its amazing what a small but focused team can achieve!

Attached is a selection of pictures showing the barrow in its full final-phase glory. 2020 was the year the barrow grew out of its mound! The outer cairn wall is quite exceptional, and the old ground surface round about is proving interesting as the first results of studies like the PXRF start to come in. As usual, because we are going at a steady pace, we can work on the material over the next few months and then add further analysis to what we already have before we move on.

I shall see some of you back in Uni next month either on-line or in person, but if you are moving off into a job don’t forget to keep us posted on what you are up to and do call in should you be in Bournemouth.

Looking forward to August 2021, but, in the meantime, many thanks again for your help and do take good care in this funny old world…

With best wishes,

Professor Timothy Darvill OBE, Bournemouth UNviersity


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