The cooks are still here at the Farmshop, cooking lots of the favourite cafe dishes for you to eat at home. Here are some TREAT NIGHTS suggestions from our team as a great substitute for the meal out you cant have at the moment....lots more to come - some are finding it hard to make their final decision from all the delicious food we grow and sell here. All the ingredients generally available from our online shop CLICK & COLLECT.

Of course being the hungry gap there aren't a lot of vegetables from the garden, but every week now more will be ready to harvest - next week psb will be finished and instead there will be spinach and tender young chards of all colours. There is a mixture of vegan and veggie dishes and some with meat from the farm as the centrepiece catering for all sorts of diets.... ALWAYS 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC OF COURSE. Follow us on twitter to see our daily treat nights. (Farmshoporganic)

Lasagne with a green salad including lightly steamed purple sprouting broccoli. Crusty white bread made here. Sarah's chocolate roulade with frozen raspberries. And a Dunkertons for my husband!

From the cafe : Vegetable lasagne, bread, roulade
From the farm : cream
From the garden : lettuce and raspberries

Nut roast with seasonal garden greens (rainbow chard & asparagus)and roasted root vegetables, served with Marigold vegetarian gravy. Banana split with whipped cream and Vivani Marzipan Amaretto chocolate. Château Couronneau Bordeaux Supérieur Merlot.

From the cafe: nut roast
From the farm: cream
From the garden: rainbow chard, asparagus

Beetroot Gratin with coleslaw dressed with yoghurt and chives and mixed leaves. Coffee and walnut cake with a Stroud Brewery Budding Pale Ale.

From the cafe : beetroot gratin, coffee and walnut cake
From the farm: yoghurt
From the garden: onions, mixed leaves, chives

Cashew nut and aubergine curry. Biona wild rice, yoghurt and cucumber tzatziki style. Booja Booja chocolate ice cream.

From the cafe : curry
From the farm : yoghurt
From the garden : onions

Sarah (dairy)
Roast lamb with asparagus and braised little gem lettuce and roast potatoes. Yoghurt, mint and lemon dip. Chocolate roulade with extra cream and a bottle of prosecco!

From the cafe: chocolate roulade
From the farm: lamb, yoghurt and cream (actually made by Sarah!)
From the garden:asparagus, lettuce

Mexican bean chilli and wraps with mixed leaf, yoghurt, coriander, Patience cheese, cucumber and avocado. Luscious lemon cake and cream. Bottle of Stroud Budding pale ale.

From the cafe : Mexican bean chilli, luscious lemon cake
From the farm : cream, Patience cheese, yoghurt
From the garden : mixed lettuce, rocket, corriander, onions

John & Clare
Fillet Steak, homemade chunky chips and green salad. Pear & Almond Tart and cream.

From the cafe: tart
From the garden: onion, lettuce
From the farm: steak, cream

Caramelised onion tart, new potatoes and butter. Big green salad from the garden. Farm yoghurt, frozen garden berries and honey (great for breakfast too!).

From the cafe : tart
From the farm : yoghurt, eggs, milk, a bit of wholemeal wheat, Mike's honey
From the garden : lettuce

Curried carrot, lentil and coconut soup with new potatoes (roasted in Chiman's Bombay Potato spice mix) and purple sprouting all stirred in together! Booja Booja raspberry ripple ice cream and a blonde lager. All vegan and gluten free.

From the cafe : curried carrot, lentil and coconut soup
From the garden: onions

Abbey Pie served with greens tossed in garlic butter and roasted seasonal veg. Warm walnut brownie with cream and raspberries.

From the cafe : Abbey pie, walnut brownie
From the garden : spinach,onions
From the farm: cream

Parmigiana with tender young chards and asparagus lightly fried in olive oil and tamari. Rhubarb crumble and mini vanilla Yeo Valley ice creams.

From the cafe : Parmigiana, rhubarb crumble
From the garden : lettuce, rhubarb, asparagus

Veg curry with chickpeas, white basmati rice, Geo mango chutney. Vegan chocolate cake with Oatly cream. Dunkertons Vintage Cider.

From the cafe : Veg curry, vegan chocolate cake
From the garden : Onions

Farm pork chipolatas served with RAW Sauerkraut , baked potato and mixed leaves with cafe dressing and dijon mustard. Ginger, date and treacle cake with Roskilly's clotted cream ice cream. Stroud Brewery Hop Drop pale ale.

From the kitchen:ginger, date and treacle cake, salad dressing
From the garden: mixed leaves
From the farm: pork chipolatas

Butterbeans with mint and tomato in olive oil, lettuce and cafe dressing. Pear and almond tart with yoghurt. Hambleden Peppermint tea.

From the cafe : Butterbeans, pear and almond tart, cafe salad dressing
From the farm : yoghurt
From the garden : lettuce

Beetroot and Horseradish pie, with homemade chips and loads of spinach. Warm ginger, date and treacle cake with G&B vanilla ice cream. And a couple of Sam Smith's Lagers!

From the cafe : Pie, ginger, date and treacle cake
From the garden : spinach

Seasonal Veg Pasty with a green salad and chutney. Walnut choc brownie with natural yoghurt.

From the cafe: pasty, brownie, (cafe chutney-made by hilary only for cafe use usually.)
From the garden: lettuce leaves
From the farm: yoghurt


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