Wedding Day Ideas

Wedding reception parties of up to 180 guests can be held here.

The main space known as the Green Room can easily hold up to 140 people for a wedding meal and dancing. If the weather is fine there is also a large outside terrace with a lovely pastoral view of the vegetable garden.

Below are ideas for the reception. The ceremony timing can be linked to either of the below. It is also possible to have the ceremony earlier in the day with just a few guests, then a special family lunch before the main reception starts.


Wedding Reception
A lovely big space for eating (140 max) and then music for up to 180 people.

The structure of the day can be tailor made, here are some suggested timings for the option above that have worked well:

From noon Guests arrive, have a hot/cold drink and lunch/snack if desired in the cafe (sometimes people have travelled a long way)
3.30pm Proceed to the stone circle by tractor and trailer or walking, 25 min walk along the old railway line for service/blessing. Or have the ceremony in the green room, on the terrace or in one of our other licensed areas.
5-5.30pm Return to the green room for reception with champagne/choice of drinks/canapes
6.30pm Wedding meal - buffet style food seated.
8pm ish Music, dancing (paying bar available) in the green room
10pm (or 11pm for an extra cost) retire to accomodation on or off farm


A lovely big space which can be used Weds - Sat during the day for up to 75 people for a buffet style seated meal/reception.
suggested timings for this option -
11.30 or 12 Meet at the Green Room (option to take a tractor ride to the stone circle for a blessing/ceremony.)
1.30ish Reception with drinks/canapes then enjoy a buffet lunch with acoustic or low level recorded music.
Depart by 3.30pm
After lunch you could enjoy a walk in the woods.


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