Civil Ceremonies and Partnerships on the farm

We have several locations around the farm where you can be legally married:

* our lovely large green oak room
* the terrace garden (a little arbour for the ceremony, the guests on the terrace)
* the verandah cafe (in or out) this venue depends on time of day, very useful back up for rainy days for larger numbers late afternoon ceremonies
* the little garden ( our teaching garden) a verandah fronted hut for the ceremony
* the magical glade (an open fronted hut in the woods) 25 min walk or a 5 min tractor and covered trailer ride)

If you would like to be married here on the farm, you will need to contact the Gloucestershire Registration Service for their availability on the date of your choice.
They will charge a fee to conduct the ceremony.
(We also charge for the ceremony venue, see costs)
We provide the table and chairs necessary to conduct the ceremony.
We also have a small interview room ready as the registrar conducts a short interview with both the bride and the groom separately before the ceremony.
The Registrar arrives 30 minutes beforehand to do the interviews.

If the bride would like to remain unseen until she enters the ceremony space we can use a tiny room out of site of the main area. We will have discussed the way in before hand.

If you are getting married in the magical glade we can arrange to get the bride (and groom if you want to enter together) to the woods separately from the guests.


Gloucestershire Registration Service policy states that photographs may NOT be taken during the actual ceremony. However, they do allow photos as the bride is walking down the aisle, the exchange of rings and the exit of the bride and groom.
Photos cannot be taken during the ceremony and only one named photographer can take photos.
No food or drink can be visible in the ceremony space before the ceremony and no drinks served beforehand.

Booking the Registrar

It is very important to book the ceremony as early as possible, as the Registrars are very busy.
Bookings can be made for any future date.
Generally our Civil ceremonies are at around 1600 to 1700 hours - obviously depending
on the availability of Marriage Registers and Registrars.

Gloucestershire Registration Service contact details:
Telephone: 01452 425060 (option 3) (please give your phone number)
Opening hours: 0900 hours to 1600 hours Monday to Friday


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