Dairy Products

with thanks to the micro dairy, approx 30 of our rare breed organic shorthorn cows

Milk non homogenised, now available in the shop from our lovely vending machine, whole or semi, half or whole litres....glass bottles to buy in the shop or bring any container you like so long as is not higher than a wine bottle so it fits under the machine AND IS SQUEAKY CLEAN!

Yoghurt, natural, thick and gorgeous, in glass too.

Cream - good whipping properties

Butter - salted and unsalted. Occasional! Limited availability



Soft Fresh Cheese.


We have established our own 15 acre organic market garden which surrounds the shop. Our stocks are supplemented by other organic growers to offer a good range of organic fruit and vegetables at all times. Seasonal produce is our priority.


We are the proud owners of 350 laying hens, all sorts!


All the pork, beef, chicken and lamb you find in the shop has been reared at Abbey Home Farm, giving complete ‘traceability’. Our organically reared animals benefit from a safe additive-free diet, homoeopathic medicine and no fear of overstocked fields. Our meat is butchered to an extremely high standard by our butcher Gary on the farm.The chicken is reared, slaughtered and processed on farm, next to the butchery unit, just minutes from the shop. All the meat is ours, and all is soil association certified.


From bees on the farm, who hopefully havent strayed onto chemically sprayed crops (why would they?!) but not able to call organic. Produced by Mike.


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