Dairy Products

with thanks to the micro dairy, approx 12 of our rare breed organic shorthorn cows and Alison, Guest Master Cheesemaker (also an excellent teacher, see courses).

Milk non homogenised, available in three sizes, semi and whole, some skimmed too.
Available in plastic bottles OR put a deposit down on a stainless steel little churn and replace each visit with another full one....fantastic amount of plastic waste and energy making and shipping the plastic from goodness knows where in the world.

Yoghurt, natural and with fruit from the garden, generally blackcurrants of raspberries. A tiny bit of sugar is added to the small 'on the go' or childrens pots, but there is no added sugar in the large pots, feel free to add to taste.

Cream - good whipping properties

Butter - salted and unsalted. Limited availability

Buttermilk - good in scones and breads - limited availability


Wiggold Cheddar - Mature and Mild named after the area of Wiggold further up the old railway line (shop lane). Matured for a minimum of 9 months.

Double Gloucester.


Soft Fresh Cheese.


We have established our own 15 acre organic market garden which surrounds the shop. Our stocks are supplemented by other organic growers to offer a good range of organic fruit and vegetables at all times. Seasonal produce is our priority.


We are the proud owners of 4 small free-range flocks of Black Rocks and Silver Linx.
Two of the flocks live by the verandah cafe this year, enjoying the resting vegetable plots which are down to green manures to rest and build fertility as per our rotation.


All the pork, beef, chicken and lamb you find in the shop has been reared at Abbey Home Farm, giving complete ‘traceability’. Our organically reared animals benefit from a safe additive-free diet, homoeopathic medicine and no fear of overstocked fields. Our meat is butchered to an extremely high standard by our butcher Gary on the farm.The chicken is reared, slaughtered and processed on farm, next to the butchery unit, just minutes from the shop. All the meat is ours, and all is soil association certified.


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