May 2008

The last two weeks of sunshine have given us lots of asparagus. surprisingly we still cant satisfy you all, but hopefully you are getting a taste of it.

Yesterday Aimie, who is harvest coordinator at the moment, told me we had over 300 cauliflowers and hoped i hadnt ordered any for this week............. so come and buy them please! they are so annoying the way they all come at once, them and cucumbers seem to behave the same way, i wonder if you have the same problem in your gardens?

Generally the garden news is good. lots done and lots to do, may is a particularly busy month. the polytunnel sugarsnaps, beetroot and carrots are looking more hopeful by the day, the lettuces are AMAZING and the spinach and rocket are just about keeping up. The tomato plants are established and we have lots for sale at the moment by the shop. Outside the onions and potatoes are in, and the propagation tunnel is a picture, hundreds and hundreds of seedlings, reminding us that nature is a truly miraculous thing.


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