June 2007

At the moment it is either far to dry or far too wet! Anyway, there is some progress although now the land is too wet to walk on.

Now we have lots of beetroot with the tops on to use like spinach, four varieties of lettuce, rocket and loads of spinach - the cafe menu has been spinach everything this week. all from the tunnels which are so useful at this time of the year.

Also available in the shop at the moment are lovely spring greens, the first beautifully small broad beans and there is talk of strawberries, fresh garlic, overwintered fresh onions and sugarsnaps soon.

The hungry gap will be over and we will glide (!) into the time when everyday a new vegetable comes into the shop - with oohs and aahs from us and the customers, as if we have never seen such a sight before. This surely is the essence of seasonality.


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