April 2007

At last it stopped raining and the gardeners could get onto the land. And now? We are wishing for rain again. Its very exciting this year as we are doubling the garden area to approx 20 acres. We need more vegetables for the shop and the land needs to rest more too. We are hoping to double the amount of onions, potatoes, carrots, brassicas and grow more of many of the other field crops too. More crops means a new irrigation system, in the summer months many man hours are spent moving pipes from one strip to another, so we are investing in a new system which should help on the time front and also give a much more even drink to the plants. You will probably be able to see it whizzing up and down the rows from June time.

At the moment a lot of seeds are being sown, seedlings pricked out and couch being dug.

Asparagus has just started, sold out the last two days, and we have coriander coming out of our ears. If anyone knows a fool proof coriander chutney recipe please email it to me, we always seem to have too much or too little.


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