April 2004

After a seemingly long cold start the new year is up and running - and we start playing 'catch up'.

The salads that have served us so well over the winter months have finally achieved their aim - and are flowering beautifully.

The extra tunnel space we now have has allowed us some early lettuce. Although slow off the mark, these are now cropping well, as are the spring onions.

The tomatoes are waiting (some what impatiently) in the wings for the above to move on.

As the field carrots come to a natural end (we've been harvesting them for seven months), the early tunnel crop is now two inches tall and has just been hand weeded.
In the field although we've finished harvesting many of the brassicas, they are being left to flower and any over wintering pest predators are being allowed as much time as possible to migrate out of the crop before it is ploughed in.

The fresh green shoots of the main crop onions are growing fast, tempting us out for our 1st run with an old Ferguson steerage hoe (new to us) while the spuds seem to be keeping their heads down for a while yet.

Cultivations for the new seasons brassicas and roots are well under way - and no I've not sown the parsnips yet: the later I sow the less carrot root fly and cancker I get in the over wintered roots.

As I write this we have just planted our 1st asparagus plants (give us a couple of years and I'll let you know) and another batch of ever bearer strawberries.

The fruit bushes have woken up and will get a weed - muck - and mulch as soon as we can manage.

In the last year we have harvested two hundred different varieties of vegetable, fruit and flower.

Phew…This year …


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