Christmas at the farmshop 2021


Why not try some of our farm meats as your Christmas meal centrepiece this year? Beef fillet, Cote du Boeuf, Rolled Sirloin, Rib of Beef, Loin Rack of pork french trimmed, Leg of Pork, Whole or half Gammons.......

Orders are being taken now for cuts of our farm beef, fresh pork and gammons OVER 2KG. Email your requests or questions to Hilary as soon as possible. Collection days will be the 21st and 22nd December, unless you would like to collect earlier.

Smaller joints of beef, lamb and pork will be in the chiller as usual, to buy when you see them. Our chiller meat is always suitable to freeze at home and it is ONLY from our own animals. As longterm vegetarians, rest assured our animal welfare standards are HIGH. Gammons, chipolatas, bacon, cocktail sausages and mince meat will also be in the chiller or freezer.

For fellow veggies, the cafe nut roasts will be lining up in the freezers later on in November and the cooks will be offering vegan and vegetarian puff pastry rolls too.

We are not selling turkeys this year. Our friends Monmouthshire turkeys have stopped rearing them, and we do not want to buy from a large enterprise, even organic, without knowing them well.

Potatoes (Alouette and Cara both great for roasting), sprouts, carrots, parsnips, swede, red cabbage, onions, leeks, kales all from the garden. Cheddar and Patience for the cheeseboard.
Cream for the pudding. Thank you to our cows.

Christmas puds, mince pies, mince meat, panettone and chestnuts - do buy early to avoid disappointment. The incredibly popular cafe mince pies will start later this month. YUM.


Lots of unusual and one off presents - organic cotton gifts, old and reclaimed artefacts, handwoven and printed textiles and much more. Gift vouchers available by mail, for our courses, accomodation, cafe, or presents from the shop.


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