Bread and Cakes

Bread and Cakes
Sunshine wholemeal Sourdough
Whiteway Wholemeal 5 seed
Wholemeal s/flower ses W/meal roll seeded one size
Wholemeal oat White baps one size
White unbleached White finger rolls one size
Light rye and caraway Olive and pumpkin one size
Light rye plain Cheese and onion one size
Soda bread Tea bread one size
Spelt loaf Biona Honey Cake 320g
Malthouse Our Own Cakes:
Millet Bread 250g Luscious lemon
Borodinsky 400g Annies Chocolate
Campagne (Yeast Free) 400g Apple and Almond
Gluten Free Bread 400g Pear and Almond
Rossisky 400g Carrot and sultana
Pitta Bread 8’s Oat Crunchie Slice
Croissants 4’s Brownies Per Slice
Mesa Sunrise 300g Millet Rice Flakes 375g
Maple Frosted Flake 375g Oatbran 250g

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