Our beef cows diet!

At the moment there is a lot of talk in the media about "grass fed" cows and some of our customers have been asking us about our beef cows diet. John, our farm manager, describes below how our beef ar fed here.
"None of our beef is fed dry grain at any time.
They have a high quality diet of clover and grass when they are out grazing and when they are housed they are fed a mix of leguminous and grass silages and occasionally some whole crop silage. Whole crop silage is as it sounds and is the crop, usually wheat under sown with clover and grass, is cut taking the whole plant ie the stem and head of the plant. This is then fermented to make silage. The wheat is cut at a stage when the grain head is still un-ripe, ideally almost “ cheesey” in texture, and is considered to be a forage. This mix produces a diet both high in protein and energy and ensures the cattle do not need any supplementary dry feeds. They could also be fed hay in the winter if required."


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