March 18th 2020 20.36 second entry

a bit soon you might say but stopped writing below and started listening to the news. suddenly my mind changed not sure who i was listening to. a flash of something - how can we stay open inviting anybody and everybody to mingle when we are being expressly advised not to meet in public places. so the shop is closed from right now. so sorry to think we are letting anyone down and i love the shop so much myself.

hoping we will be able to rise to the challenge of putting all the orders together. lets see.

March 18th 2020 16.40 first entry

Started CLICK & COLLECT this morning. Between 9 and 10 we had 29 orders so put the online shop on hold for a bit. Put Amy at the helm of picking orders today and a system has begun.
How lucky we are to have such great employees.

Andy head grower came over and asked if we needed any of the growers to help. i said no, keep them in the garden sowing and preparing for our future food - thats the most important thing they can be doing.

Matt started today, first day as Farm Project Education Officer - all ready to receive first london returning school from the road Maya used to live in when she lived in the big city. Third visit. Postponed of course like all the near future trips. Will miss the kids a lot. Anyway he pitched in happily pricing mountains of groceries in the store room.

very odd without the cafe. Delicious onion sage and cider soup for staff.

hoping everyone will buy the ready meals etc coming out of the kitchen, got to keep the cooks in work they are so precious. As is every single person who works here.

made the first tiny cake - easy for online treats - gave it to Darren, Mayas partner, who has made the new website from scratch in 48 hours. With Maya and Bex beside him. He thought he was organising campsites and eco bikes this week.... How well Maya chose. Watch out for these little treats prob online from monday.

Will made a sign for the road. told him not to put it out tho as cant keep up, need more practise in picking orders.

VERY busy shop still, surprised to see quite so many people out and about. Hoping most will go online asap. Altho its much harder and slower for us, its probably better for everyone really healthwise.

and amongst all the love and support there were a few quite rude people today so unusual for our shop - Bex got the brunt of it - shes been working flat out for a week now and found it hard to take, much as we know its not personal.

Need to go and sing to the hens - eggs selling out before we can see them and not found any soil association ones to top us up at the moment.


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