Meat at Christmas 2017

Turkey -

Sat 9th update! some 4 - 6kg still available, but order soon!

Organic free range bronze turkeys from our friends in Monmouthshire, Soil Association certified.
This year we can offer turkeys from approx 4.5kg to approx 7kg however nature will dictate eventual sizes.
Price £ last two years. Order in the shop, by phone 01285 640441 and ask for Hilary or Bex or email us here

Weight guide
For a generous helping allow for approx half a kg per person. So a 6ishkg turkey will give one meal for 12ish or TWO meals for 5 people and maybe a little over for leftover sandwiches.
Of course this all depends on appetites on the day.......

Collection date
Friday 22ND DECEMBER FROM 10am - 5pm. Please make sure you collect on this day as we dont have overnight chiller space for the turkeys.

Gammon from our pigs on the farm

Call to order 2.5kg plus gammon joints OFF THE BONE
a whole/half gammon ON THE BONE. (A whole gammon is 8ish kg)
we have a limited number as we don't buy in from anywhere else.

Gammon off the bone is £14.95kg

If you prefer something under 2.5kg there will be a choice of gammon joints in the shop chillers from early December. If you have the space its best to choose one when you see it and take it home to freeze.

Abbey Home Farm Chicken

If a turkey is too big, or you prefer our own homegrown chicken you are welcome to order in advance for collection Christmas week. We have a few larger birds hopefully, around 2.5kg, and also our more usual sizes ranging from 1.4kg to 2.4 kg. @ £7.95kg, however we can never promise sizes.

Beef, Pork and Lamb Joints to order (over 2kg)

You can order a special joint of LAMB, BEEF OR PORK from us so long as it is 2kg or larger. It does need to be ordered well in advance as we only work with our own animals. Call or email hilary if you would like to discuss a special order (2kg or over only) of your favourite joint such as a fillet or forerib of beef, a leg of fresh pork or a
Smaller joints will be available in the farmshop, always best to buy when you see what you are looking for and take it home to freeze, as we do not buy in meat from elsewhere so cant promise to always have everything everyday.

Streaky and back bacon, chipolatas, sausage meat, gluten free usually available too.

We have bacon and sausages mainly in stock from now till Christmas Eve but there is sometimes the occasional blip as we are dealing with nature! So buy in advance and freeze at home if you can. We dont take orders for these items.


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