Organic Enterprises:

Dairy - 25 cows, principally Dairy Shorthorns and their young stock
Beef - 60 cows, a pedigree herd of Gloucester cattle, commercial herd of South Devons, Hereford Cross cattle producing quality finishing stock.
Sheep - closed flock of 750 Lleyn ewes and producing lamb and breeding replacements
Pigs - Hampshire x Landrace and Glos Old Spot breeding sows, 2 Duroc boars & their progeny
Poultry - egg production (350 hens) and meat birds (4 flocks of 170 birds)
Cereals - 300ha
Vegetable Production - 10ha

Organic Markets:

The Organic Farm Shop and Cafe is Abbey Home Farm's own primary market selling everything that we produce on the farm. We process all of our dairy and poultry on site so you can be assured that when you buy from the us at the farm shop, the only miles our vegetables, poultry and dairy have travelled are the miles in your car back to your kitchen. We use a local SA approved abbatoir to process our pigs, sheep, and beef cattle. In additional to selling through the shop, we also sell some of our meats and cereal to the national organic market:

- Beef and lamb through the Organic Livestock Co-Operative
- Cereals through Organic Arable (founder member)
- Seed production for Organic Seed Producers Ltd (founder member)


- OELS/HLS Environmental Stewardship Agreement in place since 2006
- Bird habitats and feed sources, beetle banks, pond restoration and management, permanent headland margins,
- Preservation of archaeological features, enhanced hedgerow management
- Management of SSSI Jurassic limestone to conserve wild flowers and grasses
- 4,500 m of hedgerows established since 1998
- Cotswold dry stone wall restoration

Public Access:

-Educational visits
-Soil Association Organic Demonstration Farm
-Accommodation: Greenfield campsite, 4 Yurt Eco-Camp, Single Yurt, Shepherd's Hut, Hut-by-the-Pond
-Permissive footpath opened October 1999


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