Support the Farm Project CIC, at Abbey Home Farm

The Farm Project CIC (Community Interest Company) is now in its second year and has hosted over 13 visits, some fully funded by the school/group, some part funded by the farm shop and local donors/businesses.

The positive feedback from both young people and teachers has been incredibly encouraging. We are hoping to offer this opportunity to at least 25 groups a year and to make this happen we need your support.
Quite a few of our customers have asked how they can support the project financially so we have come up with three ways to help.

This could be an individual/business donation or by grouping together with friends/family/local community.

1. Fund an individual place for a week.
Pay the cost of 1 child/young person for a Mon-Fri visit £375.


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2. Match fund a group visit.
Pay half of the cost, making it much easier for the school/group to fund the remaining half.


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Group size 7-10 students : £1,875.00 (full cost £3,750.00)

 3. Sponsor a full group visit of up to 10 children/young people for a Mon-Fri visit.
Group size 7-10 students : £3,750.00


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Please note donations go through the farmshop account at the moment but will go immediately to the farm project account - please ignore the random car reg on the form!

If you would like any more information please email us or call Maya 01285 640441


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