CHEESEMAKING ON THE FARM - one day and weekend courses

Have you ever wondered how cheese is made? Would you like to learn? Why not discover the fascinating art of cheesemaking on one of our cheese courses.

WEEKEND COURSE including accomodation on farm. Details here

CHEESE MAKING - a one day course

with Alison Gibbs
Guest cheesemaker at Abbey Home Farm.

£95 (course and light organic lunch included)
9.30 to 3ish

Saturday April 16th


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Saturday June 11th


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At Abbey Home Farm, carrying on the discussions over a light organic lunch made
from ingredients mainly from the farm in the organic farm shop cafe

A one day beginners course will teach you how to make soft cheese and yogurt. Is is an introduction to home cheesemaking as it is just one day.

A whole weekend will teach you much much more including making hard cheese. The courses are intended to be relaxed yet informative and we hope a lot of fun! Numbers are restricted to seven, allowing for a degree of flexibility and attention to individuals needs. Our aim is for you to be as hands on as possible as we believe the best way to learn is through participation, with emphasis on practical skills rather than concentrating on the technical or theoretical aspects.

It is possible to create a wide range of delicious and interesting dairy products, from shop bought milk, IF you wish to further your knowledge of cheese making so we are also offering residential intermediate courses covering traditional British hard cheese making and cheese making from around the world.

With 25 years experience in the dairy industry to draw on, we believe you will return home with the knowhow and confidence to enable you to produce a variety of dairy products for your family and friends to enjoy. Notes and recipes provided for reference .

If you are not just down the road why not make a weekend of it, here is a choice of places to stay on the farm, from a shepherds hut to a beautiful cottage. If only one of you is doing a course, there is great walking around the farm and a relaxing cafe to chill out in, with lots to read and wifi too.

What to bring
Clean wellys or waterproof foot wear
a container to take products home in.
Optional,notepad if you want to take extra notes!

About Alison Gibbs
I have been lucky enough to spend most of my working life involved with dairy cows in one way or another ,weather it be milking them ,making cheese,yogurt, butter or bottling and delivering milk to the doorstep. My fascination,some might say obsession with cheese,began over 30 years ago when I milked sheep for a short while on a farm in Hampshire. Later, on an organic farm in Berkshire I began making cheese as a hobby and trained in dairy science and cheesemaking practise. I married a dairy farmer in 1989 and shortly after we began processing milk and making cheese on the farm, I have enjoyed teaching people to make cheese for many years; sharing my knowledge and experience in the art of cheese making and hopefully helping them to avoid some of the mistakes and pitfalls that are inevitable along the way.


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