Field to Fork Cookery Weekend March 2020


3pm Welcome and settle into The Orchard accommodation
4pm Walk with Hilary - an intro to the land you are staying on and what we use it for, including the veg garden.
5pm Cook and then Feast
Relax and Sleep

11am Cook and then Feast
2.30ish Garden with Andy the Head Grower ( wet weather jobs inside!)
5pm Cook and then Feast
Relax and Sleep

11am Cook and then Feast
2.30ish Goodbyes

Lovely walks or places to run on the farm in the free time or the shop to browse and books to read.
Homestyle breakfast is provided for you to help yourself - farm bread, milk, yoghurt, eggs and honey, with fruit, meusli and oats.
Teas of many sorts,coffee and fresh fruit always available.

Here are some sample menus for an idea of what you will cook over the weekend.

Italian cookery : 

ribollita with walnut and parsley pesto
Semolina gnocchi with baked field mushrooms and gremolata 
Castagnaccio (chestnut 'bread')
Lemon polenta cake
Tortiglioni (almond macaroons)

Modern British :

Roast beetroot salad with hazelnuts, dill and peppery leaves
Leek and cheese rough puff pie with picallili
Steamed treacle pudding with custard

Middle Eastern:

Carrot and harissa salad
Tahina dressing
Kichree or mejadra (rice, lentils, crispy onion, allspice, cinnamon)
“Israeli” salad
Orange blossom, coconut and marmalade cake
Dried fig jam


Onion bhajis and green chutney
Bengal gram dal
Chickpea and black cardamom curry ( chole sindhi)
Dill rice
Potatoes sookhe aloo
Cauliflower with fennel and mustard seeds
Cabbage with spices and tomato
Carrot halwa, fruit and cream

Programme and/or menus might be adjusted at any time if necessary.


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